PNS Daily Newscast - July 3, 2020 

Economists say coronavirus disaster declarations may be the quickest path to reopening; militia groups use virus, Independence Day to recruit followers.

2020Talks - July 3, 2020 

Trump visits South Dakota's Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore today; nearby tribal leaders object, citing concerns over COVID-19 and a fireworks display. Plus, voter registration numbers are down from this time in 2016.

Archive: February 26, 2007

Medicare has massive bargaining power -- and a new poll shows 86 percent of Americans want the federal government to use that clout to strike better deals on prescription drug prices. The U.S. Senate will consider allowing Medicare to bargain with drug companies, a practice that has not been permit ...Read More

Some local business owners want a few corporate tax loopholes plugged. They're backing a proposal by Governor Patrick called "combined reporting," claiming it would result in a multi-million dollar windfall for the state. Currently, large multi-state corporations are able to shift funds around, d ...Read More

As Congress debates the 2007 Farm Bill, some feel strongly that a new direction for U.S. farm policy is the last chance to turn rural America around. Chuck Hassebrook of the Center for Rural Affairs agrees. He feels farm legislation has shortchanged smalltown Iowa for many years by placing so much ...Read More

A package of bills designed to promote sustainable farming, meet consumer demand for "chemical-free" food, and boost the rural economy with new research and methodology is being heard this week in the Minnesota Senate. One person watching the debate with keen interest is Redwood County farmer Paul ...Read More

You may not know it, but if a county, city or state worker hurts you in Nevada there's a cap on what you can recover in damages. For nearly three decades, the injury cap has been locked at $50,000, but this week lawmakers will consider a measure that would raise the limit. Senator Terry Care is spon ...Read More

An overwhelming number of New Mexicans favor letting Medicare use its massive bargaining power to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. A new poll, released by AARP New Mexico, shows 87-percent of New Mexicans want the federal government to strike better deals on prescription drug prices, ...Read More

President Bush's budget includes cuts of $2.8 billion to health care funding for New York over the next five years, prompting some in Congress to fight back. New York Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, a Democrat, began her career as a nurse. She's especially concerned about the teaching hospitals, whi ...Read More

A tax break that benefits just about everyone may be decided in the Idaho legislature this week, as wrangling continues over how best to update the state's grocery tax credit. Structuring the benefit based on income is one option, and it's expected to bring supporters to the Statehouse steps in Boi ...Read More

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