PNS Daily Newscast - June 1, 2020 

Protests over Floyd killing go global while U.S. demonstrations focus on a number of recent victim's of alleged lethal police misconduct.

2020Talks - June 1, 2020 

Protests continued over the weekend, with police using excessive force against demonstrators. Former VP Joe Biden urged against violence.

Archive: February 15, 2008

Dorothy may have clicked her heels three times and said, "There's no place like home." But Californians are more likely stomping their feet and exclaiming, "There's no place like an AFFORDABLE home!" And they'd be right. Despite a steady decline in housing prices, a new study finds that shelter for ...Read More

Southhampton, NY - A solution has been found that will allow a Long Island church to continue hosting a homeless shelter after some parents expressed concern about its coexistence with a pre-kindergarten. Beginning this weekend, overnight shelter and food for the homeless will again be offered at So ...Read More

Richmond, VA - Will Governor Kaine's proposed budget cuts mean lower grades for the Commonwealth's schools? Virginia educators fear that may be the case. On Tuesday, Kaine announced plans to cut state spending by more than $135 million to help close the state's budget gap of up to $1.4 billion. Kai ...Read More

Olympia, WA – February 19 is Washington's "Super Tuesday," but some folks complain that it's not so "super" having our primary election after so many other states have already held theirs. Secretary of State Sam Reed disagrees, however. He says this year, the Washington primaries are especiall ...Read More

St. Paul, MN – A new type of fishing license will either "fish or cut bait," so to speak, in the Minnesota Legislature. It would cost less, but also reduce the number of fish an angler can catch. The bill was introduced Thursday by Senator Tom Bakk. "We're calling it a 'Conservation Fishing ...Read More

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