PNS Daily News - November 21, 2019 

Sondland confirms a Ukraine quid pro quo; $1.5 trillion on the line for states in the 2020 Census Count; and time's almost up to weigh-in on proposed SNAP cuts.

2020Talks - November 21, 2019 

Last night, ten candidates took the stage for a more civil debate than we've seen so far this cycle to talk about issues from climate change to corruption in politics - but there were some tense moments.

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Archive: August 28, 2008

Denver, CO - T. Boone Pickens is an oilman with a big plan. He's in Denver this week, making the rounds at the Democratic National Convention to pitch the news media and politicos on his "Pickens Plan." He claims it would reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil, by developing wind and solar po ...Read More

Denver, CO - Just a couple of blocks from the Pepsi Center in downtown Denver, another kind of convention is taking place under a "Big Tent," literally and figuratively. The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado is a cosponsor of the tent. Aaron Nelson of the group explains that backers - such as Googl ...Read More

Chicago, IL – It will take a last-minute save to keep Illinois' senior care budget off the chopping block. That's the point of view of Illinois home care workers and advocates in Chicago, who are rallying today to ask the Governor and state lawmakers to work together to prevent some state budg ...Read More

Denver, CO – What will it take to turn the heads of voters who still consider themselves "undecided" about this year's presidential election? With less than ten weeks until November 4, Barack Obama's message of change and John McCain's message of experience just aren't flying - at least, not w ...Read More

Pittsburgh, PA – Inflation has been eating away at Pennsylvanians' paychecks, and its appetite began even before the recent leap in inflation. The new "State of Working Pennsylvania" report from the Keystone Research Center concludes that wages in the state have been stagnant over the past sev ...Read More

Denver, CO – Rural America needs some serious attention from both major political parties, according to Niel Ritchie, executive director of the Minnesota-based League of Rural Voters. He's at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week, part of a group of rural advocates trying to g ...Read More

New York, NY - Some New York delegates to the Democratic National Convention believe the demographic pendulum has swung - and the new "swing vote" will come from Latinos. If Barack Obama expects to become president in November, these voters say, they agree with New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson - ...Read More

Denver, CO – As most of Washington State watches on television and online, 78 people from the state are experiencing the Democratic National Convention firsthand. The nomination for the most sleep-deprived Washingtonians...goes to this year's convention delegates. The Washington delegation i ...Read More

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