PNS Daily Newscast - July 16, 2020 

The president declares pipeline construction trumps the environment; and state action could allow the majority party to dominate the courts.

2020Talks - July 16, 2020 

14 congressional candidates who support QAnon are on the ballot this November nationwide. Plus, more Republicans than Democrats have registered to vote since the pandemic hit.

Archive: June 29, 2009

MADISON, Wis. – In a domestic abuse situation, the checkbook can be a very potent agent of control. And as the economy in Wisconsin continues to suffer, that economic weapon can become an even bigger threat to a partner trapped in an abusive situation, according to Tony Gibart, policy coordina ...Read More

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Now that most California kids are on summer vacation, child development experts warn that boredom and "brain drain" are major risks to their progress the rest of the year. Research shows that kids lose the equivalent of two to three months of reading and math skills over the sum ...Read More

PHOENIX, Ariz. – A leading children's advocate says the tentative Arizona state budget agreement is not as bad as the earlier version from the state Republican leadership. But she says there are still large cuts that would impact the most vulnerable people in the state, the kids. Dana Naimar ...Read More

CHICAGO, Ill. – As Tuesday's vote on the Illinois state budget draws near, community organizations are voicing growing fears about how the outcome could devastate public programs. A so-called "doomsday budget" is on the table, and threatens to slash spending on such services as foster care and ...Read More

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Forget amusement parks - visit museums instead. The West Virginia Division of Tourism says that’s what many West Virginians are doing this year – and it's a trend the agency expects to increase, as people continue their summer tradition of loading up the car and ...Read More

RICHMOND, Va. - President Barack Obama, arguably the most powerful man in the world, is still struggling to quit smoking. Days after signing into law the most restrictive regulations on tobacco in U.S. history, the President admitted he still smokes an occasional cigarette. He said he began smoking ...Read More

HELENA, Mont. – Everyone seems to have an opinion about health care reform, and today is the day for Montanans to get their views on the record. Nine town hall meetings are set for tonight across the state, and Steph Larsen, policy organizer with the Center for Rural Affairs, says they especia ...Read More

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Oil and gas leaseholders are cashing out leases on the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana. Recently, two companies voluntarily sold their leasing rights, and now a total of 83,000 acres on that front have been retired from development. A law that protects the Rocky Mountain Front ...Read More

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