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PNS Daily Newscast - August 5, 2020 

A massive explosion kills dozens and injures thousands in Beirut; and child care is key to getting Americans back to work.

2020Talks - August 5, 2020 

Election experts testify before the US House that more funding is necessary. And Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Washington state had primaries yesterday; Hawaii and Tennessee have them later this week.

Archive: July 29, 2013

PHOTO: A trio of environmental groups and a key supplier of electricity in Kentucky are collaborating to find ways to increase renewable energy efforts. This is a coal-fired power plant in Mason County, Spurlock Station. Photo courtesy of East Kentucky Power Cooperative.

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A search for common ground on renewable energy between one of Kentucky's main electric power providers and three environmental groups is producing some results. The East Kentucky Power Cooperative Demand Site Management and Renewable Energy Collaborative links the East Kentucky Powe ...Read More

GRAPHIC: The West Virginia Breastfeeding Alliance says in emergencies, the best food source for a nursing infant is its mother. Courtesy WVBA.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Turns out there's another reason babies need their mothers in an emergency. A year ago, extreme weather left some West Virginia mothers without refrigeration or clean water for their babies' formula. However, those who breastfed did not have to worry about giving their child cont ...Read More

PHOTO: Reality shows and the zombie-apocalypse trend are leading folks down the wrong path when it comes to survival skills, according to Michael Jarnevic (JAR-neh-vick), an Army Special Forces medic who teaches survival classes, most recently for the Montana Chapter of the Sierra Club. Photo courtesy of Jarnevic

HELENA, Mont. - A Montana survival skills expert says you do not need to be an expert to survive. Michael Jarnevic is an Army Special Forces medic who says TV reality shows have been misleading people when it comes to survival situations, situations that can happen quickly not far from Montana's cit ...Read More

INDIANAPOLIS - Cutting enrollment is the way most of Indiana's Head Start programs are dealing with the nearly 5.3 percent in cuts to funding resulting from the federal sequester. According to Cheryl Miller, executive director of the Indiana Head Start Association, that means hundreds of Hoosier y ...Read More

PHOTO: Texas Rangers lined the stairwells and halls of the Capitol rotunda during this month's peaceful protests against HB2. Photo by Lauren Gerson.

AUSTIN, Texas - New abortion measures are set to begin this fall in Texas. However, those opposed are expected to mount a legal challenge before they go into effect, saying they would place an undue burden on women seeking services. Part of the law requires an abortion provider to have admitting pri ...Read More

PHOTO: There are Children's Advocacy Centers in every state, where kids who have been abuse victims can come for medical and mental health care services. This one is in Georgia. Courtesy of Twin Cedars Youth & Family Services.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - People who run the dozen Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) in Arkansas celebrated this month - but only briefly - as both the U.S. House and Senate appropriations committees kept their federal funding in the budget. It's one step in a longer process. The centers coordinate child ...Read More

PHOTO: Some pharmacists in Ohio are thinking outside the pill box and using a whole-health approach to improve patient outcomes. Picture of a pharmacy sign. Credit: M. Kuhlman

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Some pharmacists in Ohio are thinking outside the pill box and using a whole-health approach to improve patient outcomes. By integrating medications and pharmacy services such as patient and provider education, referrals and electronic health-care tracking, Health Partners of Wester ...Read More


ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Park your car in downtown Asheville and chances are there's a "parking meter angel" watching to make sure you don't get a ticket. He goes by "Happy" and, in his wheelchair, the homeless veteran uses what little money he has to feed meters and help people avoid parking tickets. But ...Read More

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