PNS Daily Newscast - January 21, 2020 

Climate change is on the radar for rural voters in Iowa. Plus, the Senate impeachment rules.

2020Talks - January 21, 2020 

Candidates attended the Iowa Brown & Black Forum in Des Moines, and answered tough questions about their records on race. It was MLK Day, and earlier many were in South Carolina marching together to the State Capitol.

Archive: October 8, 2015

About 30,000 pounds of venison are collected each year in Michigan to feed hungry families. Credit: Scott Bauer/USDA

LANSING, Mich. - Michigan's deer hunting season is expected to be better than last year, which could mean more food for the state's hungry. Michigan Sportsman Against Hunger collects about 30,000 pounds of venison each year that is processed and donated to charities that feed people in need. Prog ...Read More

Lethal injection faces a major roadblock in Montana. Credit: davidhills/iStock

HELENA, Mont. - The death penalty is at a stalemate in Montana, after a judge blocked the use of a particular lethal injection drug on Tuesday. Capital punishment remains legal, and while efforts to abolish it have failed, so have efforts to revive it. The judge ruled that pentobarbital cannot be ...Read More

About 20 percent of eligible Pennsylvanians weren't registered to vote in the 2014 election. Credit: Joe Beone/Wikimedia Commons.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – Online voter registration is proving to be popular in Pennsylvania. The system went live Aug. 27, making the Keystone State the twenty-third state in the nation to allow online registrations. Since then more than 30,000 Pennsylvanians have used the system, including 20,000 n ...Read More

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