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PNS Daily News - September 22, 2020 

The Supreme Court vacancy raises stakes for a reproductive-rights campaign; voter-registration deadlines are just around the corner; and the pandemic compounds child-care woes.

2020Talks - September 22, 2020 

It's National Voter Registration Day. Plus, the Supreme Court and abortion are back, center stage, in the election spotlight.

Archive: March 3, 2016

A bill before the Missouri Legislation would charge adults with child endangerment if they left a firearm where a child could reach it and accidentally injures someone. (Eric Underwood)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri leads the nation in the number of children getting their hands on guns and accidentally hurting themselves or others. Last year, five children shot themselves or someone else. State Rep. Stacey Newman (D-St. Louis) has authored a bill that says a person could ...Read More

Sustain Charlotte is calling on city leaders to invest in an east-west bike path in uptown Charlotte. (46birds/morguefile)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - For decades, much of the state's transportation solutions have come down to building roadways to accommodate more vehicles, but a group advocating for increased sustainability is asking policy makers to pave the way for transportation of the two-wheeled variety. Tonight, Sustain ...Read More

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance is warning consumers to be on the look out for used cars with tampered odometers. (SDRandCo/

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - An estimated 10,000 vehicles are on Tennessee roads that have tampered odometers. Changing the mileage on a car is one way con artists get folks to pay more than the vehicle is worth or to sell them a vehicle that is unsafe. Kevin Walters, spokesman with the Tennessee Departme ...Read More

The St. Croix Crossing Bridge now under construction will connect Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis. It's one of the few infrastructure projects actually moving forward in Wisconsin. (Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation)

MADISON, Wis. – A new report from the nonpartisan Wisconsin Budget Project says state and local governments are neglecting to make investments in infrastructure in the Badger State. This includes such essentials as schools, roads and water supply. State spending on infrastructure fell to a ...Read More

Washington currently estimates people eat about 8 ounces of fish per month. (lauramusikanski/Morguefile)

SEATTLE - A lawsuit filed by a number of environmental groups in the state of Washington against the Environmental Protection Agency might have you rethinking the fish proportions you eat. Waterway watchdog groups and commercial fishing organizations are asking the U.S. District Court to decide on ...Read More

Today is World Wildlife Day. In Nevada, habitat protection plays into the debate over control of  federal public land. (Castlelass/morguefile)

CARSON CITY, Nev. - Today, March 3, is World Wildlife Day and Nevada conservation groups are pushing hard on several fronts to protect wildlife in the Silver State. Perhaps the most controversial issue is the movement to transfer federal lands to state control. Eighty-one percent of the land in N ...Read More

Improving rural health care - including providing easy access to devices such as a 12-lead mobile ECG machine - is the goal of the Mission: Lifeline program. (American Heart Association)

SIOUX CITY, Iowa – The Mission: Lifeline program is a three-year initiative organized by the American Heart Association – bringing together Iowa's health systems, hospital networks, EMS providers and the Iowa Department of Public Health - to improve patient outcomes and reduce mortality, ...Read More

Local groups, such as IIRON, have been working to create more equitable economic conditions for all Chicagoans. (Kristi Sanford/IIRON)

CHICAGO – More than 50 years has passed since the Civil Rights Act became law, but a new report shows Chicago still has a serious residential segregation problem. In 1967, Illinois Gov. Otto Kerner's national commission found that the country was moving toward a more segregated society. St ...Read More

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