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PNS Daily Newscast - August 3, 2020 

Negotiations to resume today on a COVID-19 relief package; advocates brace for surge in homeless Americans.

2020Talks - August 3, 2020 

Concerns about U.S. Postal Service delays and voter intimidation from voting rights advocates. Plus, Joe Biden calls for emergency housing legislation.

Archive: September 1, 2016

More than 17,000 children are excluded from health care under the Health Care for All Oregon Children Act, according to a new report. (jencu/flickr)

PORTLAND, Ore. — From access to treatment, racial disparities still exist in Oregon's healthcare system. According to a new report from the Oregon Health Equity Alliance, many nonwhite communities face higher rates of infant mortality, chronic disease and reduced life expectancy as a result of ...Read More

A new report shows Kentucky's workers have experienced post-recession wage growth, but the biggest employment growth has been in low-paying fields. (Greg Stotelmyer)

FRANKFORT, Ky. — There’s good news and bad news in Kentucky's post-recession job market, according to a new report from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy. On the upside, research indicated workers have experienced real wage growth, top to bottom, for the first time in 15 years. O ...Read More

A new report links emissions from oil and gas facilities to asthma. (zhengzhaishuru/iStockphoto)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Air pollution from oil and gas facilities in California will cause children an extra 12,000 summertime asthma attacks in 2025 according to a new study from the Clean Air Task Force. Researchers for the "Gasping for Breath" report looked at the EPA's emissions projections ...Read More

Oil and gas sector pollution is responsible for more than 750,000 asthma attacks annually in U.S. children. (Pixabay)

DENVER -- Analysis by researchers at Colorado State University found oil and gas sector pollution is responsible for more than 750,000 asthma attacks annually in U.S. children under age 18. The study, commissioned by The Clean Air Task Force, is the first of its kind to quantify health impacts of gr ...Read More

Groups are urging Colorado leaders to set a goal of 100 percent clean energy use. (Pixabay)

DENVER — City of Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones said the city will be powered by 100 percent clean energy by 2030. She spoke Wednesday at an event in downtown Denver that brought together hundreds of Coloradans and dozens of clean-energy businesses and community leaders. Angie Fyfe, executive d ...Read More

Gov. Paul LePage has until the end of the day today to comply with a request under Maine's Freedom of Access Act to reveal the contents of a binder he says he maintains containing mugshots of drug dealers. (Office of Gov. LePage)

AUGUSTA, Maine – Embattled Gov. Paul LePage faces a Sept. 1 deadline to respond to a Freedom of Access Act request to reveal the contents of a binder he says he keeps on drug dealers. LePage said the binder proves that “90 percent of Maine's drug problem" is caused by people of color c ...Read More

Two scholarships in Indiana have the goal of recruiting more minority students to become teachers. (Michael Carter)

INDIANAPOLIS – Two scholarship deadlines are approaching for minority students in Indiana who want to become teachers. The William A. Crawford Minority Teacher Scholarship and Earline S. Rogers Student Teaching Stipend for Minorities offer financial aid for minority students who meet academi ...Read More

The CTS building was torn down in 2012, but chemical cleanup remains incomplete. (POWER Action Group)

ASHEVILLE, N.C. – The cleanup of an Asheville Superfund site is making progress, the Environmental Protection Agency said in a report released Wednesday, but there is more work to be done. The report indicates delays in the clean up may have left residents with prolonged exposure to a cancer ...Read More

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