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PNS Daily Newscast - October 1, 2020 

Concern that Trump's Proud Boys comments could encourage "alt-right" groups; report finds key swing states went into manufacturing decline pre-pandemic.

2020Talks - October 1, 2020 

Experts are concerned about white supremacist violence leading up to the election. And, the Presidential Debate Commission says it plans to change rules after Trump's almost constant interruptions.

Archive: April 17, 2020

Gov. Chris Sununu announced on Apr. 14 that New Hampshire will pay an additional $300 a week to long-term care workers at Medicaid-funded facilities including nursing homes, day programs for people with disabilities, and other home-care services during the COVID-19 crisis. (Gov. Chris Sununu/ Facebook)

CONCORD, N.H. - Gov. Chris Sununu is giving Medicaid-funded long-term care workers at nursing homes and in home care a $300 weekly pay boost during the COVID-19 crisis - reportedly the first stipend of its kind in the country. Sununu is also increasing testing for the more than six thousand worker ...Read More

In addition to close distances on the assembly lines, meat plant workers often have to clean up in crowded locker rooms. (Adobe Stock)

DES MOINES, Iowa - The temporary closing of meat-processing plants has raised concerns over food supplies during the pandemic. But in states like Iowa and South Dakota, they also renew demands for worker safety. At least two plants in Iowa suspended operations after a number of employees tested po ...Read More

At least a dozen people incarcerated at the Moose Lake Correctional Facility have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and there are dozens more suspected cases. (

MOOSE LAKE, Minn. - The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota has taken legal action against the state following a COVID-19 outbreak at the Moose Lake prison. The group fears that similar outbreaks will happen at other prisons if the Department of Corrections doesn't act soon enough. ACLU of ...Read More

Wildlife crossings for U.S. Highway 97 in central Oregon could serve as templates for the rest of the state. (Simon Wray/ODFW)

PORTLAND, Ore. - Most Oregonians want to protect wildlife migration corridors, according to the latest poll results. The survey - commissioned by The Pew Charitable Trusts and conducted by GBAO in February before the COVID-19 outbreak - finds 86% of Oregon voters think it's important to conserve m ...Read More

The United States remains the only country among industrialized nations that does not have health coverage for all citizens. (Adobe Stock)<br />

RALEIGH, N.C. - In an online town-hall event yesterday, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and Rep. Alma Adams, D-Charlotte, spoke about the need for the Affordable Care Act and the urgency of lowering prescription drug prices as the state fights the new coronavirus pandemic. Residents also ...Read More

A new bill in the U.S. Senate would allocate $5 billion to help states make voting easier and more convenient. (Dodgerton Skillhause)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Voting rights groups are praising the 'VoteSafe Act of 2020,' introduced in Congress yesterday by California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris. The bill would set aside $5 billion to expand voting by mail and early voting ahead of the November presidential election. Matt Barreto, ...Read More

A Harvard study has linked higher levels of air pollution to increased death rates from COVID-19. (Andrei/Adobe Stock)

HARRISBURG, Pa. - Environmental groups are condemning new rules that threaten to roll back protections from toxic power plant emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency is changing the way it calculates the impact of mercury emissions. The Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, put in place in 2012 ...Read More

The federal Mercury and Air Toxics Standards have reduced mercury emissions from power plants by about 86% since 2010. (Adobe Stock)

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Even as the country battles a respiratory pandemic, the Environmental Protection Agency has moved to weaken an air pollution standard. Yesterday, the EPA finalized changes to the 2012 Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, the first-ever national limits on emissions of mercury and o ...Read More

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