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PNS Daily Newscast - September 23, 2020 

U.S. COVID-19 deaths double in last 4 months as total tops 200,000; poll workers in short supply as Texas registers a record number of voters.

2020Talks - September 23, 2020 

Mitt Romney supports putting a Supreme Court nominee to a vote. Groups are pushing to turn out young voters. Plus, 20 million raised so far to pay court fees and fines for returning citizens to vote.

Archive: July 29, 2020

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court denied a request from Texas Democrats to expedite a case concerning vote-by-mail access. Democrats argued that people shouldn't have to choose between their right to vote and their health during a pandemic. (

AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas is one of several states hit hardest by COVID-19, and some faith communities are taking steps to make sure their vulnerable members can vote safely in November. Josh Houston, advocacy director for the group Texas Impact, said voting by mail is the best option for people age 6 ...Read More

Nearly one in three Kentuckians are enrolled in Medicaid. (Adobe Stock)

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Gov. Andy Beshear has announced he's planning to restart Kynect, the state-based health insurance exchange that allows people unable to get coverage through an employer to enroll in a health insurance plan or sign up for Medicaid if they qualify. Former Gov. Matt Bevin dismantled t ...Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has many families focused primarily on immediate financial concerns, paying bills and everyday expenses. (Adobe Stock)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A new survey finds nearly one in 10 Americans has moved in with other people, and three in 10 have delayed attempting to purchase a home during the pandemic. It also says just half of Americans feel secure in their current housing situation. Susan Ifill, executive vice presiden ...Read More

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Minnesota has warmed 1 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit in the last century. Scientists and clean water advocates say that's having a ripple effect on lakes and rivers, in part through more intense rainstorms. (Adobe Stock)

WALKER, Minn. -- Minnesota is coming off a streak of extremely hot weather. But year-round, the state is warmer than it used to be, and concerns about rising temperatures and their effect on lakes isn't going away. Researchers at the University of Minnesota said the state is one of the three faste ...Read More

Research in 2019 found people of color are up to 25% more likely than white defendants to have to pay a monetary bail amount, and are less likely to be able to afford it. (Adobe Stock)

By Ashley Johnson/ Broadcast version by Mary Schuermann Kuhlman Reporting for the Kent State-Ohio News Connection Collaboration The sudden killing of George Floyd on May 25 led scores of protesters to take their fight for racial justice to the streets. Thousands of protesters have been arrested in ...Read More

Project CAT is conserving nearly six million acres of tiger habitat in three countries. (Discovery, Inc. 2018)

NEW YORK -- Today is International Tiger Day, and conservation groups are highlighting efforts to preserve tiger habitat and increase the numbers of this endangered species. A century ago, there were an estimated 100,000 tigers in the wild, but by 2010, that number had dropped to 3,200. That year, ...Read More

In Nevada, undocumented immigrants comprised 11% of Nevada's workforce in 2016. (pedroserapio/Pixabay)<br />

LAS VEGAS - Once every decade, the U.S. Constitution mandates that every person be counted as part of the census, but so far, nearly 40% of American households have not completed the 2020 form. The coronavirus pandemic delayed the start of this year's count, and many hard-to-reach populations haven ...Read More

Some law enforcement agencies are increasingly using electronic monitoring for people under house arrest. (stocksolutions/Adobe Stock)

PORTLAND, Ore. -- House arrest might seem like a good alternative to incarceration, especially during a pandemic, but it comes with its own costs. Ankle shackles are outfitted for electronic monitoring, which concerns advocates for people who are detained. Babatunde Azubuike, programs coordinator f ...Read More

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