PNS Daily Newscast - May 22, 2018 

The Department of Justice bows to Trump demands – at least, in part. Also on the rundown: the latest Supreme Court ruling deemed a blow to worker’s rights; plus a solar program back by popular demand.

Daily Newscasts


Tuesday August 28, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 28, 2012
Our rundown today includes stories on Tropical Storm Isaac targeting New Orleans, a delayed start to the RNC in Florida and volunteers “dumpster diving” for school supplies in New York.


Monday August 27, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 27, 2012
Our news today looks at a variety of issues, including weather putting a damper on the RNC in Florida, the debate over "smart meters" in Illinois and a warning about what you may not know about generic drugs.


Friday August 24, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 24, 2012
Today’s update includes: The race for president got tangled up with the "War on Women" this week and this weekend mark’s an important anniversary for women’s rights, One Southern state is trying to do more for less on healthcare spending, and many Rocky Mountain caves going dark.


Thursday August 23, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 23, 2012
Updates today include: A majority of the nation’s teachers say children in their classrooms regularly come to school hungry, Hassles getting the new “free” PA voter ID, and Apple fans ready your comfortable shoes for the third week in September.


Wednesday August 22, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 22, 2012
Today’s news includes the approval of new a Virginia Voter ID law, Medicare “fraud fighters” hard at work and kudos for the anti-discrimination policies of some Colorado businesses.


Tuesday August 21, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 21, 2012
Our coast to coast rundown covers topics including the human costs of the war on drugs, a shortage of high-quality teachers in North Carolina and a status update on California sea otters.


Sunday August 19, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 20, 2012
We're following a dozen stories today, including the latest on a widespread salmonella outbreak, calls to restrict a common farm pesticide and why the U.S. could lose wind jobs to other nations.


Friday August 17, 2012   PNS Daily News – Friday August 17, 2012
Today’s rundown has updates for you on the growing legal battle over Pennsylvania’s voter I.D. law, the National Guard joins the massive wildfire fight in Idaho, and real cops are looking for a real life Walter White.


Thursday August 16, 2012   PNS Daily News – Thursday August 16, 2012
Our rundown today includes an unlikely venue for death penalty opponents at the Kentucky State Fair, Kids issues M-I-A on the campaign trail, and a look at whether the benefits outweigh the risks for kids on Facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday August 15, 2012   PNS Daily News - Wednesday August 15, 2012.
We're featuring a variety of stories, including changes to immigration policies for youth, the effect of the Ryan plan on state budgets and over 3 million Americans weighing-in on carbon pollution.


Tuesday August 14, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 14, 2012
Our news today focuses on a variety of stories, including, nuke plants put on hold over waste disposal, a record donation to fill food shelves in Minnesota and new research on the link between humans and Neanderthals.


Monday August 13, 2012   PNS Daily News - August 13, 2012
Today’s news includes stories ranging from the impact of unpaid child support, to financial scams targeting aging parents and the first repeat winner of the AARP National Spelling Bee.


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