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More than a dozen Internal Affairs complaints against the Minneapolis Police officer involved in the death of George Floyd; we report on what's behind the current tensions.

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Republican Voters Against Trump just launched and plans to spend $10 million on the 2020 campaign. And President Trump signed an executive order making social media companies liable for content their users post.

A Never-Ending "Christmas Vacation" for Some Kids

December 18, 2006

Helena, MT - While Montana school children kick off their Christmas vacation this week, there are some kids who have yet to go back to class after last year's winter break.

According to the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), only about half the schools in the area ravaged by Hurricane Katrina have reopened, more than a year after the storm. Amy Liu with the Brookings Institution tracks the recovery, which she says isn't going as quickly as hoped, with survivors who relocated to Montana still waiting to go home.

"There has been a lot of frustration with the pace of assistance being provided for homeowners who are really eager to fix up their homes, but currently don't have the resources to do that."

Liu says about half the hospitals have re-opened and at least 100,000 homes or apartments are still needed.

Malaak Compton-Rock, wife of comedian Chris Rock, participated in a recent CDF visit to New Orleans, and she stresses that the country can't give up on the region's kids.

"(There are) children left in Louisiana trying to go to school, trying to feed themselves and being raised by older sisters or by young aunts."

Amy Liu's latest Katrina recovery report is at

You can help by calling the Children's Defense Fund at 1-800-233-1200.

Deborah Smith/David Law, Public News Service - MT