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Economists say coronavirus disaster declarations may be the quickest path to reopening; militia groups use virus, Independence Day to recruit followers.

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Trump visits South Dakota's Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore today; nearby tribal leaders object, citing concerns over COVID-19 and a fireworks display. Plus, voter registration numbers are down from this time in 2016.

Christmas Trees have Overstayed their Welcome

January 4, 2007

If your live Christmas tree has been in the house since before the holidays, now is the time to get rid of it, because it gets drier and more likely to catch fire every day. Amy Horst with Metro Waste Authority says those trees are considered yard waste and are banned from landfills, but many communities offer pick up and disposal by grinding them into compost. She urges making sure you de-trim the tree first.

"We ask residents to remove all ornaments, lights and tree stands from their Christmas trees before placing them at the curb. These items, if left on the trees, could be dangerous for our employees and could damage the composting equipment."

Horst adds that if you have an artificial tree that needs to be replaced, those can be tossed into the trash or recycled.

"Check with Goodwill or Salvation Army or any organization that would welcome the donated item."

Check with your local garbage hauler or city hall to see what their policy is on collecting Christmas trees, but what ever you do, don't just toss it out in the ditch, which is considered illegal dumping and will result in a fine.

For more information on recycling go to

Dick Layman/Eric Mack, Public News Service - IA