PNS Daily Newscast - November 12, 2019 

Bracing for an arctic blast, politics shows up during Veterans' Day, farm issues in Wisconsin, and a cleaver dog learns to talk some.

2020Talks - November 12, 2019 

65 years ago today, the federal government shut down Ellis Island; plus, former MA Gov. Deval Patrick might enter the Democratic primary race.

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Is Your Meal a "World Traveller?"

January 9, 2007

Consumer organizations and farm groups are calling on the new Congress to require "country of origin" labels on imported food, saying it's vital for consumer choice and competitiveness for American farmers. The 2002 farm bill included a labeling measure, but it's only been enforced on seafood -- not on beef, pork and other foods of interest in Ohio. Jeff Eschmeyer with the Ohio Farmers Union thinks the new Congress should make "country of origin" labels a top priority.

"It's a great way for consumers to learn a lot more about the food products they're buying, and it's a way for farmers in the United States producing a high-quality product to differentiate themselves from products from other countries."

Chris Waldrop with the Consumer Federation of America says the labels will help consumers make informed decisions at the grocery store.

"That allows consumers to avoid certain products if they want to avoid them. US farmers are pretty confident that they make a good solid product and consumers would want to choose it."

Opponents of "country of origin" labels say they would drive up costs for food processors and retail food stores; supporters point to surveys showing widespread consumer support for the labels.

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OH