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Call for Feds to Help Cover 200 Thousand Uninsured Ohio Kids

January 12, 2007

About 200,000 Ohio kids are without health coverage, and a national children's group is calling on Congress to fill the gap. A plan released today by the Children's Defense Fund would expand Medicaid eligibility for kids in working families and simplify the enrollment process. Ronald Browder, director of the Ohio Children's Defense Fund, says kids with health coverage do better in school and have fewer health expenses down the road.

"This just makes good business sense for a country as powerful and as rich as the United States of America to provide coverage for its children."

Most uninsured children are from working families, and Browder explains that under the plan, those families would either get free coverage or be able to buy in at reduced rates.

"There are a significant number of families who might be able to provide health care coverage, but then they have to make choices about whether they're able to pay their rent, or whether they're able to provide transportation, clothing or food for their children."

Browder adds it isn't just a matter of funding, that many eligible kids don't receive coverage because of complicated paperwork and difficult and confusing enrollment requirements.

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Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OH