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U.S. Reacts to Turkish offensive, Ft. Worth police officer charged with murder, a tax break for New Mexico families, and animals hit on the road in Nevada.

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Tonight, 12 candidates will take the fourth Democratic debate stage in Westerville, Ohio. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard will be there, despite considering a boycott of the event.

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Big Apple Backdrop May Backfire For Bush

January 31, 2007

President Bush plans to use New York as the backdrop for a major speech on the economy today, and he is expected to get a harsh critique during his visit. The speech will bring the president close to Ground Zero and highlight his administration's track record over the past five years in responding to the pollution and economic fallout from the 9-11 attacks. The Sierra Club's Suzanne Mattei says Mr. Bush needs to do more.

"He needs to step up and meet the needs; health monitoring needs, health care needs and the economic needs of the Ground Zero workers and all of the other people who were exposed."

Late yesterday, the Bush administration moved to pre-empt its critics by sending word that it plans to spend $25 million on a program for Ground Zero-related health care.

While President Bush is in New York, local environmentalists are urging him to adopt the American Solar Energy Society's new roadmap to curb global warming. The Sierra Club's Bob Muldoon says it cuts global warming by as much as 80 percent in a way that makes economic sense.

"The roadmap is a plan that shows we have the best, cheapest and cleanest solutions at our disposal. We just need the market and the political will to make it work."

Muldoon says adopting the renewable energy plan could produce more than 200 thousand jobs in New York. The full details of the plan are available at

Michael Clifford/Jamie Folsom, Public News Service - NY