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Round Two as lawmakers battle over Senate rules to try Trump. And New Hampshire voters keep a close eye on Iowa.

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Four candidates are stuck in Washington at the Senate impeachment trial instead of on the campaign trail in Iowa, less than two weeks ahead of the first in the nation caucuses.

Cancer Survivors Going High-Tech for Support

June 1, 2007

Sioux Falls, SD - South Dakota cancer survivors are depending more on the internet as a resource to help them in their cancer battles. Denise Burggraff with the American Cancer Society believes the internet is an ideal way for cancer survivors to get help from a support group, especially those who are receiving treatments, and those who don't feel well enough to travel and meet in person.

"We know from statistics that people are using online resources. Last year we had 1.2 million calls come into our toll-free phone number with American Cancer Society. But, we get over a million hits to the Web site from people looking for cancer information per month."

Burgraff notes that this Sunday marks the 20th annual National Cancer Survivor's Day observance, and they're using the anniversary to get the word out about the virtual community cancer support site. She says remarkable stories of recovery can be found on their Web site.

"We know that about nine million Americans are living with cancer today, and we know that each one experiences cancer very differently. So, the shared experience of having cancer is very powerful, and they can really create some significant and lasting bonds. And when you think of the word survivor, it really evokes many images such as courage, determination, hope, encouragement, empowerment. Life after cancer diagnosis is a reality and people are living fulfilled lives and living well."

Burggraff adds that the Cancer Survivors Network is ideal for a rural state like South Dakota, where travel is an issue, and support groups may not be available. For a full copy of the report go to

David Law/Eric Mack, Public News Service - SD