PNS Daily News - July 15, 2020 

The Trump Administration reverses course on international student rule; the ultra-rich keep getting richer; and rental costs are burdens for low-wage workers.

2020Talks - July 15, 2020 

Biden follows up on a climate policy plan from his task force, made up of his and Sen. Bernie Sanders' supporters. Alabama, Maine and Texas had elections; new data from California's March presidential primary show 1.5% of returned absentee ballots rejected.

American Workers Also Have a Stake in Immigration Debate

July 9, 2007

As Congress gets back to work today, legislators and lobbyists will try to revive stalled legislation on immigration and labor reform. Andrea Batista-Schlesinger with the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy says immigration reforms aren't just for immigrants. She says under the current system, American workers risk reduced wages and benefits, and providing immigrant labor protections would help turn that around.

“The policies that are passed need to strengthen the hand of immigrant workers. Without that, you will have a two-tiered labor system that brings down the wages and working conditions of native born American workers.”

She believes the debate in Congress shouldn't be about immigrant workers versus American workers, but that here need to be consistent protections for everyone earning a paycheck in this country.

Batista-Schlesinger adds that, while Congress plays a key role in immigration reform, it's also up to local communities to take the lead

“The only way to get truly meaningful progressive immigration reform is if we go beyond legislators and convince more Americans that this is in their shared interest to do so.”

While some businesses advocate temporary guest-worker programs, union leaders contend having one group of workers with limited rights ultimately affects all workers within the United States.

Robert Knight/Eric Mack, Public News Service - NY