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A federal court ruling changes how the President is elected, and Florida Democrats trigger a special session vote on guns. Those stories and more in today's news.

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Oregonians Improving Natural Treasures

September 21, 2007

Portland, OR - Oregonians across the state are heading into the great outdoors this weekend to celebrate National Public Lands Day. They're using the day to clean up and improve public lands, parks, and wilderness. They're also taking the opportunity to ask Congress to protect more land. Brian Maguire with Backcountry Hunters and Anglers says public lands offer economic, recreational, and environmental benefits.

"They're good for local communities, for hunters, for anglers, and for people who like fresh, clean water and places to take their families."

Two wilderness bills currently in Congress would expand federal wilderness protection additional public land in Oregon, on Mount Hood, in the Columbia River Gorge, and the Copper Salmon region of Southern Oregon. Maguire says the recent trend of selling public land, often for private hunting areas, threatens traditional hunting as a sport. He says instead, it becomes a pastime accessible only to the well-to-do, who can afford to buy the land.

"Public lands are the public's, and anyone can hunt in them. So, they're critically important to hunting in the United States and they're important to the communities around there for how much money the hunters bring into those communities."

A list of all National Public Lands Day activities in Oregon can be found online at

Dondrea Warner/Eric Mack, Public News Service - OR