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NH SCHIP Backers Not Waiting For Bush’s Veto

September 26, 2007

Manchester, NH - New Hampshire labor and church leaders are calling on the state's two senators to support health insurance for children. With the Senate about to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), President Bush is still saying he will veto it. That has S-CHIP supporters preparing for an override battle. Today, they're calling on John Sununu's office in Manchester, and Judd Gregg's office in Concord, to ask for their votes. John Thyng with New Hampshire for Health Care says his group is joining with many faith communities to issue a moral call.

"We're calling on our senators to use their influence with the president to encourage him to do what's right for New Hampshire children and ensure that S-CHIP coverage continues."

The House passed the latest S-CHIP reauthorization last night. When an earlier version of S-CHIP came to the Senate in August, Sununu voted to pass the bill, and Gregg voted against it.

Thyng disagrees with the President's contention that the new bill's income threshold would cover too many kids.

"The threshold is not too high. The limit, if anything, should be expanded so that every American that needs access to affordable health care has the ability to get it."

John Robinson/Chris Thomas, Public News Service - NH