PNS Daily Newscast - May 27, 2020 

Four Minneapolis police officers fired following the death of a black man; and a federal lawsuit claims New Yorkers with disabilities excluded from expanded absentee ballot plan.

2020Talks - May 27, 2020 

Republican governors in Georgia and Florida offer their states as alternatives to North Carolina, after President Trump expresses impatience about talks of a more limited Republican National Convention because of the pandemic.

Global Warming: CA Leading the Way in More Ways Than One

December 12, 2007

Los Angeles, CA - When it comes to global warming, California is leading the way, not just in terms of legislation to reduce the problem, but in producing the pollution as well.

A new report from the National Environmental Trust finds California emits more greenhouse gases than the entire country of Brazil, a nation with five times as many people. And Californians aren't alone -- the report also finds many individual states emit more global warming pollution than hundreds of nations, combined.

Study author, NET's Peter Altman, cites just one example: last year, California created more pollution than 106 developing countries.

"So, another way to look at it is, California contributed 21 times more pollution per person than the people in those developing countries."

Altman says it's time for U.S. leaders to set a better example for other countries to follow.

"Global warming is a problem of momentous proportions, but it's also one that is within our power to get under our control. It requires the acts of political will of our national leaders to begin doing so. "

Altman says because the U.S. is the world's biggest polluter, the nation has a responsibility to take the lead in cleaning up the global warming mess. The report is being released at the United Nations' climate change conference in Bali, Indonesia, where delegates from more than 180 countries are meeting.

Lori Abbott/John Robinson, Public News Service - CA