PNS Daily News - December 9, 2019 

The Pensacola shooting investigated as an act of terror; Trump faces criticism over so-called anti-Semitic comments; and some local governments adapt to meet the needs of immigrants.

2020Talks - December 9, 2019 

Candidates have a busy week in Iowa, despite a weekend shooting on Pensacola Navy Air Base. Also, candidates start butting heads, notably South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and MA Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Presidential Candidates Encouraged to Jump Into the Great Lakes Debate

February 4, 2008

Springfield, IL – Keep the water here, and keep it clean. Those are the messages being delivered to presidential candidates for Super Tuesday by lawmakers from the Great Lakes region. Illinois State Representative Karen May has signed on; she says it's worth noting that the "Great Lakes Compact" sailed through the State Legislature smoothly and with bipartisan support. She attributes the success to shared concerns about the area's economy, as well as a desire to preserve the Great Lakes' way of life.

May believes the Great Lakes strategies of stopping invasive species and restoring water quality will need support, both from the President and Congress, in order to be effectively implemented.

"Unfortunately, we are seeing just the opposite coming from Washington, and we need the support of Washington and our presidential candidates."

Concerns about the costs of these projects are among the reasons for the federal hesitation thus far. But May stresses the importance of building a stronger federal-state partnership, for safety as well as effectiveness.

"The sewage overflows being dumped into Lake Michigan will not only stop people from going to the beaches, they really are a health hazard."

For more information on the Great Lakes strategies for pollution and invasive species control, visit

Deborah Smith/John Robinson, Public News Service - IL