PNS Daily Newscast - January 24, 2020 

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump continues; and KY lawmakers press ahead on requiring photo IDs for voters.

2020Talks - January 24, 2020 

Businessman Tom Steyer and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the two billionaires in the Democratic primary, have spent far more than the rest of the Democratic hopefuls combined. But Steyer also uses grassroots tactics. What do other candidates and voters think about the influence of money in elections?

Inflation Isn’t Nutritious in PA - Who's to Blame?

April 28, 2008

Philadelphia, PA – Inflation for breakfast, lunch and dinner is anything but nutritious for Pennsylvania families. Egg prices are up 35 percent, chicken is up 10 percent, prices for bread and breakfast cereals have seen their biggest increases in more than 30 years, according to the U.S. Labor Department and the Consumer Price Index.

Gawain Kripke, senior policy advisor for the international relief and development organization Oxfam America, says certainly rising gas prices get a lot of the blame, and have probably received most of the attention. However, he adds, some of the basic ingredients used in food production, both in food processing and feeding animals, have been in short supply, too.

"We're consuming almost a third of our corn crop to produce ethanol, which we're then burning in our cars, and that's taking a lot of food off the market to put into our gas tanks."

Sticker shock at the supermarket isn't a problem only in America, says Kripke. It has affected the global market, and he says the hardest-hit are those who live in the poorest countries.

"Food may be 80 percent of what they spend money on and, if food prices are increasing even 20 percent, that means that people are not going to eat."

Kripke believes the next U.S. Farm Bill could potentially help ease consumer price hikes, because it includes incentives for farmers who grow corn for food.

Deborah Smith/Eric Mack, Public News Service - PA