PNS Daily Newscast - April 8, 2020 

COVID-19 prompts a car insurance break for some drivers. Also, a push for postal banking, and for grocery workers to be treated as first responders.

2020Talks - April 8, 2020 

Wisconsin held its primary yesterday in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic. But a shortage of poll workers led to just five polling stations in Milwaukee instead of the usual 180.

Mental Illness Awareness Week – Looking Through the Bars in AZ

October 6, 2008

Phoenix, AZ – Most kids locked up for crimes in Arizona have something in common besides breaking the law: they're battling a mental illness. It's Mental Illness Awareness Week, and the connection between treatable illnesses and crime is being highlighted.

Dr. Joe Cocozza with Policy Research Associates has documented what he says is a growing trend in Arizona and across the country of locking up kids with mental illness, and he says they constitute 85 percent of the kids jailed.

"Many of the youth who have these mental health disorders do not need to be in the justice system, but are being placed there because of lack of alternatives and of needed services in the community."

Dr. Cocozza says it's time for Arizona to seriously look at the problem of jailing children who need mental health care. He says it's cost-effective to treat children, and it unclogs the courts.

"You're not burdening the justice system with youth who don't belong there. The justice system is recognizing that."

Dr. Cocozza says effective screening for mental issues is a good start in making sure kids get the treatment they need. He says it takes cooperative efforts from judges, prosecutors, mental health experts and state agencies to make sure those kids are helped.

Deborah Smith/Steve Powers, Public News Service - AZ