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NY Honors RFK: Renames Triborough Bridge and More

November 19, 2008

New York, NY — Former President Bill Clinton, Governor David Paterson and Mayor Michael Bloomberg will be on hand today as the Triborough Bridge is renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. Kennedy served as U.S. Attorney General and later as U.S. Senator for New York. The bridge - sure to be called the "RFK" for short - connects three of the city's five boroughs.

Jeffrey Buchanan with the Robert F. Kennedy Center says that because the bridge unites unique parts of New York, it's a fitting memorial.

"Robert Kennedy really made it a point in his career to unite different communities, you know; young and old, African-Americans and whites, rich and poor, so it's a very appropriate memorial to his legacy."

New York State United Teachers have drawn up special RFK lesson plans for fourth, eighth and eleventh graders. Buchanan says that, starting around Thanksgiving, many students will be learning about key issues that Robert Kennedy stood for during his career, before he was assassinated in the midst of his campaign for president 40 years ago.

"They'll cover topics from civil rights to, for some of the younger children, speaking about ideas such as how to deal with a bully and standing up and speaking out for justice."

A dozen teachers from across New York drew on sources as diverse as former U.S. ambassadors and the state teachers union to work up lessons that focus on RFK's contributions to New York and the nation. You can learn more about the RFK programs on the Web at

Michael Clifford/Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NY