PNS Daily Newscast - April 9, 2020 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders suspends his campaign for president. And COVID-19 is ravaging the black community in some areas, including Milwaukee.

2020Talks - April 9, 2020 

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders drops out of the race for president, though he assured supporters yesterday his movement will continue. A federal judge ruled this week a lawsuit in Florida awaiting trial will apply to all people with former felony convictions, not just the 17 plaintiffs.

Ohio Farmers Union Turns 75 Amidst Tough Times Once Again

January 29, 2009

Columbus, OH – From the depths of the Depression to the current recession, the Ohio Farmer’s Unionhas stood the test of time. The organization, which is considered the voice of Ohio’s farm families, is marking its 75th anniversary at its annual convention in Columbus today.

President Roger Wise says, in today’s economic downturn, it’s essential to stay focused on keeping rural areas vibrant.

"We’re interested in education and development and opportunities for youth to be able to stay in our communities and return to them and keep rural America and rural Ohio vital for years to come."

The economy is making it harder for farmers to turn a profit, according to Wise.

"The safety net is still precarious at best for farmers. We face higher input costs all the time and we have difficulty getting a good price from the market."

Wise adds, another challenge they face is getting younger people into agriculture as the farming community ages.

"There are fewer and fewer family farms and the average age of farmers continues to rise.”

Delegates at the convention will draft and adopt a policy program that will set the Ohio Farmer’s Union’s legislative goals for the year. Topics will include utility regulation, estate planning, safety programs and locally grown foods.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH