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WI Gov: Health Care Problem is Generational

March 16, 2009

Madison, WI - Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle and 40 health care professionals from across the state spent the better part of last week at a White House-sponsored forum on the need for health care reform. Comments from one of the forum participants, Robert Kraig, a spokesman for Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

The White House regional forum on health care reform ended late last week, but the heavy lifting on the plan starts now. Gov. Jim Doyle and 40 Wisconsin health-care workers attended the White House-sponsored event in Michigan. Doyle says the problem has now spanned generations, and it's time for action.

Robert Kraig of Citizen Action of Wisconsin took part in the forum. He says momentum definitely is building toward a solution, but it will not be easy.

"The administration is still referring to this - and they did it in this forum today - as a debate, as a fight. So I think there's an expectation that it will get harder."

At the forum, Gov. Doyle said more has been done to advance health care in the past month than in the previous decade, adding that the current system is straining family budgets and hurting business. Opponents of government health care plans say they would drive up taxes and lead to diminished care.

Kraig says any health care plan that has a chance of working must have a government insurance component.

"We and other advocates think you have to have that public health insurance option to keep private insurers honest in the system."

The time is finally right to get real reform on health care, Kraig contends.

"We're going to get a comprehensive plan that covers everyone, just because it's a fiscal and economic necessity."

More information is available from Kraig at Citizen Action of Wisconsin, 414-322-5324.

Glen Gardner, Public News Service - WI