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It's World Diabetes Day, and health care, including the high cost of insulin and other drugs, is a top issue for many voters. Plus, do early states like Iowa and New Hampshire have an outsized role in the nomination process?

Daily Newscasts

Oregon's a Step Ahead in Greenhouse Gas Game

April 20, 2009

Salem, OR – The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared greenhouse gases a danger to public health and welfare, something Oregon decided in 2007, adopting its own goals for reducing climate change pollution. This year, the State Legislature is considering at least a dozen bills, including directing state agencies to come up with detailed plans to meet the goals.

Lisa Adatto, Oregon state director for Climate Solutions, says many in Oregon see the trend as a way to save money and jobs.

"Many of the strategies involve more investment and more economic activity in Oregon, that will ultimately employ Oregonians and save money that can be spent on other things. We really have to do something. We have to get some new, exciting opportunity started."

Adatto hopes the state will keep the momentum going and not wait around for the EPA to finalize its rules.

"We don’t know what their regulations are going to be, and regulations tend to take many years. But, knowing there will be some action on the federal level means we have every advantage if we get started here early. It's going to happen."

The next step is a 60-day public comment period. Critics are expected to blast the agency for caving to environmental pressure and creating more expense for industry, and consumers. Some believe the warming planet is a natural climate cycle. The EPA’s opinion focuses on six greenhouse gases, and calls the research "compelling and overwhelming" that man-made pollution is a cause of global warming.

Chris Thomas, Public News Service - OR