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First Lady Melania Trump makes a statement against separating kids from parents. Also on the Monday rundown: Anti-hunger advocates applaud the newest Farm Bill; plus diaper duty an economic burden for 1-in-3 families.

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Domestic Violence Victims Get Legal Help in the Courtroom

June 4, 2009

Louisville, KY – Volunteer attorneys are standing by to help victims of domestic violence in Jefferson County free of charge as they navigate the court system to obtain a Domestic Violence Order, commonly called a restraining order, against their abusers.

Neva Polley manages the Domestic Violence Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Society, which launched the new project this week. The restraining order is an important step in escaping violence, she explains, because it can prevent future attacks - although the process can be overwhelming.

"The victims either don't know they could bring an attorney with them, or they cannot afford to bring an attorney. Or, they're just fearful of the process altogether and, sometimes, they don't even show up for court."

The free legal help has strong support from judges and the prosecutor's office, she adds.

"The restraining order sends a message to the abuser that this is taken seriously by the courts, and that the victim is willing to take the stand against them."

Polley says law firms both big and small have volunteered to take part in the project. Clients who don't have, or cannot access, money for an attorney can apply for the free legal assistance at the same time they file for the restraining order at the courthouse.

Deb Courson, Public News Service - KY