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PNS Daily Newscast - August 7, 2020 

The State Attorney of NY moves to dissolve the NRA; an update on the potential wave of pandemic evictions.

2020Talks - August 7, 2020 

The Commission on Presidential Debates rejected the Trump's campaign for a fourth debate. Hawaii has a primary tomorrow, but there are only 8 vote service centers.

Immigrant Advocate: AZ Can’t Afford Volunteer Border Force

December 13, 2010

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Arizona would have its own volunteer Homeland Security Force patrolling the border, under legislation proposed by State Sen. Jack Harper, Surprise. The volunteers, under National Guard supervision, would carry weapons as they report illegal activity to enforcement authorities.

Critics, however, say the plan is unaffordable. Jaime Farrant, policy director of Border Action Network, says it will lead to another expensive - and unnecessary - legal showdown with the federal government.

"There'd be another call for litigation, which is costly to the state, and it will most likely be held unconstitutional, because it is going into territory that is clearly pre-empted by federal law."

The senator maintains the cost of a civilian militia will be small compared to the costs for education, health care and law enforcement due to illegal immigration.

Beyond the costs of training, equipping and supervising the militia, Farrant warns that the state faces a huge potential liability if something goes wrong.

"They are being authorized by a law. And so they are acting under color of law. Even if you don't pay them, if they kill someone, for example, or hurt someone, or unlawfully detain someone, when victims of any of those offenses sue, they will be suing the state and the state will be liable."

Another part of Harper's plan would have the civilian force and the state's National Guard deploy to the border if federally authorized troops currently there are withdrawn. Legislative budget staff estimate it would cost $10 million to send 85 troops to the border for a year. Farrant says that would be a waste of money, especially when the state is cutting core services.

"We are talking about cutting funding for our education, for our universities, for our health care, and meanwhile there's this push to fund things that are just absolutely unnecessary to improve our quality of life."

Farrant agrees with Border Patrol officials who say the border is better staffed and more secure than ever before.

Doug Ramsey, Public News Service - AZ