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FL Near the Bottom in Long-Term Care, Support for Seniors

September 13, 2011

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Florida is near the bottom on a first-ever scorecard by AARP that ranks states on how well they provide long-term health care for seniors and people with disabilities. Florida is No. 41 overall, and in some sub-categories, the state ranks even lower.

At AARP Florida, spokeswoman Jessyca Sosa warns against expecting the long-term care score to improve in the coming years.

"And it's also very clear that the average person, the middle-class family, in no way, shape or form can afford to pay for the type of costs that they face under our current system."

At the other end of the scorecard, but still not encouraging, Florida has the fifth-highest nursing staff turnover of any state. The AARP scorecard covers four areas: affordability and accessibility, choice of setting, quality of care and support for family caregivers.

The state ranks 44th in providing a choice of where seniors receive their care, with nursing homes often the only option. Sosa would like to see more choice.

"You know the fact is, is that most people, if given a preference, would prefer not to have to go to a nursing facility. They want services in their homes and communities."

Home- or community-based care is also less expensive than nursing home care. Sosa says that's another reason for the trend away from institutional care.

"Many of those people now are taking advantage of the 'money-follows-the-person' program, which allows people that want to transition back to the community to do so."

However, she says, community-based care took a big step backward when Florida Governor Rick Scott cut that program this year.

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Les Coleman, Public News Service - FL