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MO Teens Spend a Homeless Night to Raise Awareness

November 11, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many teenagers spend hours surfing the web, but the reality for some of their peers is hours of "couch surfing," moving from friend's house to friend's house, sleeping on the couch, because they have no place to call home.

Brandy Harrington, manager of the "One Homeless Night" project with Synergy Services, says there are roughly 2,000 homeless young people on any given night in Missouri. She says resources for homeless teens such as health care and mental health care are critical.

"We want those young people to start looking at this as a big-scale issue, not just that that person is homeless. But, how can we stop the millions of dollars and billions of dollars that we're putting into it over the life span of that person, if we can provide those resources now?"

Young people throughout Kansas City are sleeping outside tonight to raise awareness about teen homelessness in the event called "One Homeless Night."

Casey Reid, who advises young adults at Metropolitan Community College, says teens are homeless for a variety of reasons, not just abuse and neglect.

"So many of our homeless youth are gay teens who've come out at home and have been kicked out, or whatever. The home situation just isn't safe anymore. And so that's just kind of one of the pieces of this picture that we're kind of trying to inform people about and let them know more."

Reid is a "One Homeless Night" participant from Metropolitan Community College, one of the 19 host sites throughout Greater Kansas City.

Heather Claybrook, Public News Service - MO