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NOW Calls on Clear Channel to Pull Plug on Limbaugh

March 12, 2012

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The National Organization for Women (NOW) has stepped into the Rush Limbaugh controversy, calling on Clear Channel to "pull the plug on Limbaugh's microphone." NOW president Terry O'Neil issued a statement saying Limbaugh was trying to shame a young woman from coming forward and speaking her mind, adding that Limbaugh calling the woman "a slut and a prostitute" on the air is unacceptable.

NOW member Ruthie Fuller says Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke did nothing wrong when she testified on behalf of insurance companies covering birth control costs. Fuller thinks singling her out felt like an attack on all women.

"He might as well have put all of our names up there, because she did nothing to deserve that."

Limbaugh has apologized, although his critics found it insincere, and Fluke called it "insufficient." A spokesperson for Clear Channel said Limbaugh did the right thing by expressing regret and offering his apology.

In response to the furor, nearly 100 advertisers pulled their ads from all potentially controversial talk radio shows, including Limbaugh's. Limbaugh himself downplayed the 45 advertisers that left his show. At least two radio stations dropped the program altogether.

Fuller says it's worth remembering that Fluke was well within her rights to give a public statement.

"I thought she was very professional. She didn't attack Rush Limbaugh. She didn't do anything to even justify or warrant his behavior."

Fuller says the controversy is energizing the women's movement, especially among younger women.

"The young people, I think can they rejuvenate and maybe follow in the footsteps of that young attorney."

The NOW statement is available at

Dan Heyman, Public News Service - WV