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West Coast Leaders Launch Plan to Create 1 Million Clean Economy Jobs

March 27, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO - A green economy is a strong economy.

That's the conclusion of a new report that predicts one million new jobs will be created in the West Coast region by 2020. The report has prompted leaders in California and other western states to launch an action plan to streamline the region's transition to a clean economy.

Susan Frank, director of the California Business Alliance for a Green Economy, calls the plan a great step forward.

"This report really put to rest any question about whether this is a real phenomenon that's taking place across the country and in particular in the Western region. These are real jobs that are being created, these are real people that are working in these jobs."

Some of the commitments in the West Coast Action Plan include retrofitting state-owned buildings, fleet purchasing of advanced technology vehicles, and creating world-class energy standards to incentivize private sector leadership and advanced manufacturing.

Frank says California's passage of legislation and policies over the past decade have really set the tone for the rest of the country.

"That includes California's solar energy industry reaching one gigawatt of solar photo-voltaics on rooftops and having our solar market grow by 40 percent per year, and that's even despite the recession that we've had."

By 2020, California is expected to get 33 percent of its energy from renewables.

The West Coast Clean Economy Report was commissioned by the governors of California, Oregon and Washington, along with the premier of the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Read the report at

Lori Abbott, Public News Service - CA