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Wisconsin Wind Power Lagging Behind Neighbor States

Wisconsin lags behind neighboring states in developing wind power.
Wisconsin lags behind neighboring states in developing wind power.
July 29, 2013

MADISON, Wis. - President Obama is not waiting for Congress to do something about climate change. He is using his executive powers to try to curb the pollution that many scientists say causes it. A recent poll done for the National Resources Defense Council shows that 61 percent of Americans support the President's Climate Action Plan.

Howard Learner, Environmental Law and Policy Center, said support for the President's plan will continue to grow.

"When the federal government says it's time to focus on reducing pollution that causes climate change, nuclear wins, wind power wins in a big way, solar wins, energy efficiency wins, natural gas does well, coal does not," Learner said.

The President's plan invests more in wind and solar power. Wisconsin is a bit behind its Midwest neighbors in developing wind power. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the Badger state added 18 megawatts of wind power to the grid in 2012, but has the potential to add four times that much wind power.

The state is in an area rich in potential wind power, Learner pointed out, and could reap great economic benefits from developing it.

"The Midwest and the Great Plains are the Saudi Arabia of wind power," he said. "Iowa is the number two state in the country in terms of installed wind power development; Illinois is number four; Minnesota is number six."

Wisconsin ranks 16th in the nation in wind power use.

Even though the poll shows bipartisan support for most elements in the President's plan, Senate Republicans have introduced legislation intended to stop the EPA from regulating carbon emissions from power plants.

More information is available at The President's Climate Plan is at

Tim Morrissey, Public News Service - WI