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The nation’s acting Defense Secretary is under investigation for promoting Boeing, his former employer. Also on the Thursday rundown: The Trump administration’s spending blueprint being called a “bully budget.” Plus, a call for the feds to protect consumers from abusive lenders.

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Analyst: 2016 Road to the White House a Pivotal Election

The Iowa caucuses could be a prelude to a pivotal election. (Pixabay)
The Iowa caucuses could be a prelude to a pivotal election. (Pixabay)
February 2, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Last night's Iowa caucuses kicked off this year's presidential nominating process. And beyond the personalities, this could be an election of particular historical significance.

It's a "pivotal election," says Dr. Gerard Lameiro, a retired Colorado State University professor and the author of a new book, "Great News for America." He predicts the November election will mean neither the Republican nor Democratic party will continue to exist in their current forms.

"One of the characteristics of a historic election is that the electorate is upset about something," says Lameiro. "It could be the economy, it could be lots of things. And when they get upset, they realign the party, but how do they realign it? They come out in a huge turnout."

Lameiro conducted research about American elections going back to the early 1800s, and says the foundation is in place for 2016 to be another game-changer.

"Any time the American people have come out, they have solved problems," he says. "When they come out with a big voter turnout, it means they're sending a message to their future politicians that they're about to elect and saying, 'We want these problems solved. We're fed up with you not having these problems solved.'"

He believes millions will vote for the first time this November, resulting in an historic turnout and a fundamental change in the party political system.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH