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AARP Texas Asks Candidates for Their Social Security Plans

ARAP volunteers plan to question every presidential candidate in the Texas Primary on their plans for Social Security. (AARP)
ARAP volunteers plan to question every presidential candidate in the Texas Primary on their plans for Social Security. (AARP)
February 16, 2016

AUSTIN, Texas - AARP Texas is seeking answers from all the presidential candidates running in the March 1 Texas Primary regarding their plans to keep Social Security solvent.

Early voting begins today in Texas, which is the biggest delegate prize for candidates among the 12 states holding elections on "Super Tuesday."

Rob Schneider, manager for outreach and advocacy for AARP Texas, says candidates owe it to the voters to let them know where they stand.

"What we're looking for is for every candidate to be able to articulate a plan to keep Social Security secure for future generations," says Schneider. "Any candidate who thinks they are entitled to be president ought to be able to tell voters how they'll keep Social Security strong."

Schneider says without action, many Social Security recipients could face a 25 percent cut in benefits in about 20 years. He says that for many retirees, that could mean a cut of up to $10,000 a year, especially hurting those on a fixed income.

Currently, Social Security is the only income for one in three Texans who are 65 or older.

Schneider says AARP Texas "Take A Stand" volunteers plan to show up wherever a candidate is speaking to ask them what their plan is for Social Security.

"Already in the early primary states, we've had our red-shirt Take A Stand volunteers at town hall meetings, at airports and meeting candidates and asking them to make sure that they have a plan to keep Social Security secure," he says.

AARP is a non-partisan organization that advocates for Americans 50 and older, and seeks to provide information on Social Security, Medicare and other policy issues.

AARP is making all candidates' Social Security plans available online at

Mark Richardson, Public News Service - TX