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FL Activists: Black Lives Matter Movement More Important Than Ever

Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement are increasingly responding with "All Lives Matter." (Tampa for Justice)
Critics of the Black Lives Matter movement are increasingly responding with "All Lives Matter." (Tampa for Justice)
July 12, 2016

TAMPA, Fla. – It's become a common conversation: One person says, "Black lives matter," and another responds, "No, all lives matter."

But one Florida activist says that's missing the point.

Char Singleton, an organizer with the community group Tampa for Justice, says many people misinterpret the phrase to mean "black lives matter more than all other lives," but she says it's simply pointing out that black lives have been historically undervalued in the U.S.

"The violence, the poverty, the jail system, the criminal justice system show us that black folks do not have the same level of humanity or citizenship that other folks enjoy in this country," she maintains.

On Monday, the Republican Party issued a statement as part of its draft platform saying "all lives matter," which many took as criticism of the effort to eradicate racism in police interactions with minorities.

Singleton says it's important to realize that the Black Lives Matter call for justice is not a call for violence.

She adds that this is not a problem any one group can solve on its own, which is why the conversation needs to be inclusive.

"To be able to create a space for us to talk about our own justice and our own equality, and how we work together to get that justice and equality with our allies, and that's why we make sure to center black lives in this conversation," she states.

Last night, several groups held a Black Lives Matter rally and march through downtown Tampa that passed in front of the police department. Many other Florida cities held similar events over the weekend.

Mona Shand, Public News Service - FL