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Latino Conservation Week Celebrations Ongoing in Nevada

A ranger at Lake Mead National Recreation Area speaks to children during Latino Conservation Week in 2015. (Centro de Adoracion Familiar)
A ranger at Lake Mead National Recreation Area speaks to children during Latino Conservation Week in 2015. (Centro de Adoracion Familiar)
July 20, 2016

LAKE MEAD, Nev. — This week is Latino Conservation Week – and local groups are putting on half a dozen events to draw more people to the outdoors. The Hispanic Access Foundation, the Sierra Club, Conservation Land Foundation and Chispa are helping organize different events in Nevada. On Saturday, teenagers from the Centro de Adoracion Familiar, part of a Las Vegas-area church, will be pulling invasive tamarisk trees from Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and then going on a float trip in Black Canyon.

Church organizer Cristina Espinosa said the Colorado River, which feeds into Lake Mead, is part of Nevada’s cultural heritage.

"It's important to have everybody go out the park, each new generation to go out in nature,” Espinosa said. "God has created everything and I think it's really important for us to take care of it."

Water levels at Lake Mead are dangerously low and water may have to be rationed in future years. This is the third year Latino Conservation Week has been celebrated nationally, with more than 100 groups working to inspire children to become environmental stewards.

Chelsea Kennedy with the Lake Mead National Recreation Area said they're always happy to teach kids about this special place.

"Las Vegas has a huge Latino community, and it's probably one of our most underserved communities. And a lot have never been out here,” Kennedy said. "A lot of it is transportation issues. So by doing this we're providing them the transportation and the opportunity to get out and actually see the areas."

The other events this week include a visit to Gold Butte tonight, and a float trip at Clark County Wetlands Park on Saturday.

"For way too long the environmental movement has not been diverse,” said Christian Gerlach with the Sierra Club. "The environment belongs to absolutely every single human being. Latino Conservation Week is the platform to engage Latino youth in conservation."

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Suzanne Potter, Public News Service - NV