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Michigan Democrats: A United Front Will Emerge at DNC

Michigan has 67 Bernie Sanders delegates, 63 Hillary Clinton delegates and 17 superdelegates. (Michigan Democratic Party)
Michigan has 67 Bernie Sanders delegates, 63 Hillary Clinton delegates and 17 superdelegates.
(Michigan Democratic Party)
July 26, 2016

LANSING, Mich. - The opening of the Democratic National Convention on Monday was a bit marred by controversy, but some of Michigan's top Democrats believe a united front will emerge. The Democratic National Committee chair will be stepping down after the convention, essentially taking the heat after leaked emails indicated party leaders favored Hillary Clinton during the primaries over her opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Executive director of Progress Michigan Lonnie Scott will be on the ground in Philadelphia tonight, and he said the focus will naturally shift away from the controversy with Democrats ready to move forward together.

"You're going to see people more united in the party, I think that you're going to see the people who were supporting Bernie realizing that his policies and his fight were not for nothing," he said. "That he has moved further left and to a more progressive stance; people are going to embrace that."

Sanders said he was not shocked by the emails, but still spoke at the convention last night endorsing Clinton and encouraging his supporters to do the same.

Michigan has 67 Sanders delegates, 63 for Clinton, and 17 superdelegates. And their chair, Brandon Dillon, expects delegates to hear real conversations about policies this week, as opposed to the negative views he said that came out of the Republican National Convention.

"By talking about a specific vision for this country to lift up middle class families, that helps women, that helps LGBT folks, that invests in education as opposed to what Donald Trump and his cohorts did there was just scream and yell about how bad this country is and how bad Hillary Clinton is," he added.

The RNC last week was not without its own controversies, including a plagiarism scandal and Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Donald Trump.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - MI