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More than 1,200 missing in the California wildfires. Also on the Monday rundown: A pair of reports on gun violence in the nation; and concerns that proposed changes to 'Green Card' rules favor the wealthy.

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Women Protest at Trump Campaign Offices

Forty women and men protested outside Trump's Philadelphia campaign office. (Emma Boorboor)
Forty women and men protested outside Trump's Philadelphia campaign office. (Emma Boorboor)
October 19, 2016

PHILADELPHIA - Women dressed in black protested Tuesday outside Trump campaign offices in at least 15 cities around the nation. Led by survivors of sexual assault, a multiracial group of 40 women formed a symbolic human wall outside Donald Trump's campaign office in Philadelphia.

Emma Boorboor, with the group GOP Hands Off Me, said women nationwide were outraged by a videotape in which the Republican presidential candidate is heard boasting about grabbing women's genitals.

"We're calling on the GOP to take responsibility for their legacy of sexism," she said, "and condemn Trump to make it clear that a sexual predator will never be our president."

The Tuesday event was timed to precede the final presidential debate. Trump insists his comments were nothing more than "locker room talk," and has apologized for making them.

Brigid Flaherty, who has helped organize protests in New York, said the actions are not directed at Trump alone. She said his comments reflect attitudes toward women that are pervasive.

"This really is a moment for survivors of sexual assault and rape to come forward and know they're being held by other women - and us saying, 'We see you,' " she said. "Women and men can take steps to end rape culture."

Women's groups already are planning more protests to take place before Election Day. But no matter who wins on Nov. 8, Boorboor said, the organizing will go on.

"Rape culture is still going to be a problem in our country. It's still going to be a part of women's everyday lives," she said. "What I hope is that we take this up as a rallying cry and continue these types of actions, even past the presidential election."

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Andrea Sears, Public News Service - PA