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A Gift From the Heart ... For the Heart

December 13, 2006

Madison, WI - This year, Wisconsinites can give a gift that is both heart-warming, and heart-saving. The American Heart Association is offering a home cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training kit for the holidays, complete with a practice dummy and instructional DVD.

Susan Olson is a CPR trainer with the UW-Hospital's Emergency Medical Service program; she says the kit, called "CPR Anytime," will teach lifesaving skills.

"It's a wonderful idea to give a gift so that they can learn CPR, and it may be that they're saving the life of a loved one."

She explains the training kits prepare people to deal with heart emergencies in the home, where every minute counts until emergency personnel can get to the site.

"Research has shown that the users of the 'CPR Anytime' kit perform as well as students in a regular CPR course."

Olson says cardiovascular disease is the top killer in Wisconsin and nationwide, and 80 percent of cardiac arrests occur in the home. Information about the "CPR Anytime" kit is available by calling 877-AHA-4CPR or online, at

Rob Ferrett/Eric Mack, Public News Service - WI