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CO Doctors Voice Concerns About Gardner's Climate Health Record

Signs suggesting a changing climate in Colorado include over 475,000 acres consumed by wildfires in 2018. The U.S. Drought Monitor recently reported that 70% of the state is considered “abnormally dry.” (BLM/Wikimedia Commons)
October 23, 2019

DENVER – Health professionals are calling out Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado for his party-line vote last week blocking efforts to keep the Clean Power Plan on the books.

The plan would have put limits on climate pollution from power plants for the first time.

Dr. Cory Carroll at Foothills Family Care in Fort Collins calls the Trump administration's efforts to undo environmental protections in order to achieve energy dominance "irresponsible."

Carroll says people can choose to put healthy foods into their bodies, or not, but access to clean air isn't guaranteed.

"We are creating an environment where people don't have a choice,” he states. “That's not what we should be doing as leaders of this country.

“And as physicians, we should be standing up strongly in opposition to things that are creating a disease state for our patients."

Last week's vote preserves the Trump administration's Affordable Clean Energy, or ACE, rule, which Republican backers say will protect air and economic growth at the same time.

Carroll warns that the rule will exacerbate air pollution, especially for Front Range residents also dealing with emissions from some 20,000 active oil and gas wells.

He notes pollution from coal plants can damage kidneys, eyes, nervous and respiratory systems, and is linked to heart and lung diseases.

Antonia Herzog, manager of the Climate and Energy Program at Physicians for Social Responsibility, says from extreme heat to droughts, wildfires and flooding, communities across Colorado are feeling the impacts of climate change, driven by increased carbon pollution.

She says the Clean Power Plan was making a significant difference.

"We have to deploy more clean energy resources,” she stresses. “We have to reduce energy we use through energy efficiency.

“The Clean Power Plan had put us on the right path, and overturning it is sending us completely in the wrong direction."

The ACE rule would extend the lives of coal-fired power plants, a move critics say could slow Colorado's transition to cleaner energy.

A Yale University study found more than 60% of Coloradans are worried about the climate crisis, and 85% believe it's important to promote the state's clean energy sources.

Eric Galatas, Public News Service - CO