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The Department of Justice bows to Trump demands – at least, in part. Also on the rundown: the latest Supreme Court ruling deemed a blow to worker’s rights; plus a solar program back by popular demand.

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Take a New Kind of Book with You this Summer

June 15, 2009

Las Vegas, NV – Summer rapidly approaches, and many Nevada libraries are offering a new way for the whole family to enjoy books this year. Libraries in Las Vegas, Carson City and Reno now stock audio books, and John Crockett with the Nevada Library Association says titles range from children's favorites to the latest James Patterson thriller. Even better, Crockett says, in addition to being easy on the eyes, they are also convenient, because you can download the latest audio books from your library's Web site.

"Whatever you are doing this summer, whether it's a family car trip or going to the beach, you can take audio books with you, and keep a family car ride nice and quiet so everyone can listen to a great audio book."

If you have never experienced an audio book, or haven’t heard one for a while, Crockett says, lots of improvements have been made. There are sound effects and famous actors doing narration, and they can now be played on all sorts of electronic devices.

"They're compatible with MP3 players and now iPods, iPhones. Folks can download them to their computers, burn them to CDs, or just transfer them directly to their listening devices."

Just as with a printed and bound book, the library only loans you an audio book, but the difference is you are allowed to copy most loaned audio books to a CD or listening device, so you get to keep your copy of the book for good. He says audio books are also good for the environment; they save trees and the fuel required to transport hardcover books.

Crockett says you do need a valid library card, but you can also take care of that by completing an on-line application.

There is a complete list of the latest available audio book titles, and links to libraries where you can download the books, on the Web at

Mike Clifford, Public News Service - NV