PNS Daily Newscast - April 18, 2019 

The DOJ and Bill Barr said to plan on Mueller time – without Mueller. Also on the Thursday rundown: The Keystone State considers cap and trade. Plus, the RECLAIM Act aims to invest in coal communities.

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Business Leaders Go After the Sweet and LOHAS in CO

June 18, 2009

Boulder, CO - Sustainability can help both business and the planet. That's the idea behind a major forum taking place this week in Colorado. It's called LOHAS, shorthand for "Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability." The event will focus on healthy living, personal development, sustainability and social justice.

Ted Ning is the director of LOHAS and the forum. He says the LOHAS market encompasses a wide variety of products and services: "hybrid vehicles, organic foods, yoga or meditation, life coaches and green building."

The LOHAS forum itself is about leading by example, Ning explains, and organizers have taken measures to make it as green an event as possible.

"We have three different large air conditioner units that use less power than a hair dryer. We have recycled carpet made from recycled bottles."

Julie Klein is the environmental director for Vail Resorts. She says her business is involved with LOHAS because the company and its products are deeply committed to the long-term health of both Colorado and the global environment.

"If we don't have a healthy natural environment, our product is significantly diminished."

The goal of this week's forum is to bring together companies and organizations to look for new ways to work together toward sustainability and reaching out to LOHAS consumers, Ning says. The list of companies in attendance includes Wal-Mart, BMW and Coca-Cola, as well as Colorado entities such as Vail Resorts. The forum runs through Friday night in Boulder.

Eric Mack, Public News Service - CO