PNS Daily Newscast - November 15, 2018 

Lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested on a domestic violence charge. Also on the Thursday rundown: More testimony on Ohio's "anti-protest" bill; and we'll take you to the Dakotas to celebrate American Education Week.

Daily Newscasts

New Year, New Progress Battling State Housing and Homeless Problem

January 4, 2010

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Federal stimulus money flowing from Washington to Frankfort is helping hundreds of Kentuckians either to stay in their homes or avoid becoming homeless altogether, to the relief of housing officials in the state.

Carrie Stith-Webster, AmeriCorps program director for the Homeless and Housing Coalition of Kentucky, says 12 workers in AmeriCorps's "Build Corps" program provided hundreds of Kentuckians with assistance last year.

"We're helping individuals work towards home ownership, or helping individuals gain permanent or transitional housing, or helping people maintain the existing housing they already have."

The AmeriCorps members are hosted by local organizations that partner with "Build Corps."

Even with federal stimulus dollars available, Stith-Webster says, many people in Kentucky find themselves in crisis every day. One way to help is through volunteering, she adds.

"Over these last three months, our 12 members facilitated 86 volunteers who contributed 4,800 hours of time."

Additionally, AmeriCorps members built 27 houses for low-income families and completed renovation and weatherization for projects on 157 homes.

Bill Goodman, Public News Service - KY