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Effort to Shut Down Animal Gas Chambers in Missouri Gains Momentum

A smile of good riddance from animal control officer Tasha Koeven in Moberly, Mo. (Humane Society of Missouri)
A smile of good riddance from animal control officer Tasha Koeven in Moberly, Mo. (Humane Society of Missouri)
May 30, 2017

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The recent move by animal shelter officials in central Missouri to destroy a gas chamber for animals has increased calls to shut down other such facilities across the state.

The city of Moberly received a $3,000 grant from the Humane Society for dismantling and discarding the chamber.

Humane Society State Director Amanda Good says since that time the group’s social media accounts have been flooded with tips.

"Thousands of people have been commenting about the use of gas chambers, where they think gas chambers might be, how they can help to facilitate stopping the use of gas chambers if they're in their neighborhood or in their cities," she relates.

The use of gas chambers has long been treated as unnecessarily cruel since injection takes a matter of seconds, while death by gas chamber can take minutes. Only four states in the country still allow animal gas chambers to be used – Missouri, Ohio, Wyoming and Utah.

Good calls it an embarrassment that Missouri hasn't outlawed the practice.

"This is a huge black eye on our reputation,” she stresses. “We are already the number one state for puppy mills and now to add the fact that we still allow the use of gas chambers on top of that? It does not reflect well on the state of Missouri.”

Good is hopeful that the recent groundswell of response to the issue will lead to legislation that permanently ends the practice.

Kevin Patrick Allen, Public News Service - MO