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Ohio Hunters and Anglers Back Clean Wind Energy

PHOTO: Picture of wind turbine in Bowling Green, Ohio. Credit Justin Zollars.
PHOTO: Picture of wind turbine in Bowling Green, Ohio. Credit Justin Zollars.
December 4, 2012

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Hunters and anglers from Ohio are among those urging lawmakers to extend tax incentives that encourage the production of clean wind energy. The Production Tax Credit and the Investment Tax Credit promote renewable-energy production and energy efficiency and are due to expire at the end of the year.

The director of policy for the National Wildlife Federation's Climate and Energy program, Joe Mendelson, says 37,000 jobs related to wind energy will disappear if the credits are not extended.

"We need Congress to act now and they're sitting on their hands. It's time to take action, pass these credits, extend them so the industry can continue, the jobs can continue, and we have clean energy for the rest of the country."

The wind industry currently provides approximately 75,000 jobs nationwide. In a letter to Congress today, 118 sportsmen's and conservation groups encourage lawmakers to continue the tax credits. They say investment and growth in clean energy and conservation are the best ways to fight climate change, sustain communities, create jobs and promote economic growth.

Last year, Ohio ranked as the fastest-growing state for new wind-power installations.

Frank Szollosi is regional outreach coordinator for the National Wildlife Federation and a sportsman from Ohio. He says hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts understand the value of conservation better than most. He says they support developing clean, renewable energy resources that are protective of fish and wildlife habitat.

"Wind energy is clean, it's sustainable and we have a great resource in Ohio with our wind, so we care about moving forward in a sustainable way that helps preserve hunting and fishing for our kids and grandchildren."

A September poll released by the National Wildlife Federation found that 72 percent of hunters and anglers back renewable-energy solutions.

Mary Kuhlman, Public News Service - OH