PNS Daily Newscast - June 21, 2018 

President Donald Trump reverses course on some aspects of his border policy. Also on the Thursday rundown: With midterms approaching, we take you to a state that you might not expect to be reaching out to Latino voters; and reporter Dan Heyman has a novel angle on the utility of medical marijuana

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AUGUSTA, Maine - As social, health, education and public safety programs face the budget axe in Maine, a rally to support cutting war spending ...Read More
AUGUSTA, Maine - The view of the road will be a bit different for some Maine children if their parents follow new guidelines for car seat use ...Read More
AUGUSTA, Maine - As Gov. Paul LePage makes national news with his efforts to remove a mural depicting workers at the state Department of Labor ...Read More
PORTLAND, Maine - "What you've always wanted to know about Social Security but weren't sure who to ask" will be addressed today in Maine by an expert ...Read More
SCARBOROUGH, Maine - Nearly 40 percent of Americans think they are in ideal heart health, when in reality, less than one percent of them have an ...Read More
PORTLAND, Maine - According to the most recent data available, gathered in 2009, 17.5 percent of Maine children under 18 lived in poverty - up one ...Read More
AUGUSTA, Maine - There's a new way to alert the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the public, about products that could be ...Read More
AUGUSTA, Maine - It was passed in 2008, formally adopted in 2010 and is still being gradually implemented, but Maine's "green-conscious" Building and ...Read More
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