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PNS Daily Newscast - September 18, 2020 

A federal judge slams the brakes on U.S. Postal Service changes nationwide; and we take you to the state 'out front' for clean elections.

2020Talks - September 18, 2020 

Trump slams the 1619 project on Constitution Day, and Pennsylvania's Supreme Court makes some election changes.

Public News Service - NY: Arts & Culture

Seventy percent of freelancers report problems getting paid for their work. (Freelancers Union/Flickr)

NEW YORK – A bill passed by the New York City Council to protect freelance workers from wage theft is being called a historic first. The Freelance Isn't Free Act passed unanimously late last week. A report issued in 2015 found that 70 percent of New York City freelance workers reported proble

An estimated 20 percent of young people in juvenile detention are LGBT. (Eugene Peretz/Flickr)

NEW YORK - The criminal justice system is failing LGBT Americans, according to a report released today. Less than four percent of the population identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. But the report, from the Movement Advancement Project, found twice that percentage among adults in j

PHOTO: Graham Nash, of Crosby Stills and Nash, fears America has been divided into a nation of

NEW YORK - "It's time for a revolution," says Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills, and Nash, who fears for an America that's become divided into "haves and have-nothings." The outspoken musician and activist was in New York talking about some of the views expressed in an autobiography that time-travels

GRAPHIC: In New York, a 27 percent difference in graduation rates exists between the wealthiest and poorest school districts (although per-pupil spending is only one of a number of contributing factors). Advocates are rallying to call for restoring equitable public school funding. Graphic courtesy AQE.

ALBANY, N.Y. - New York State ranks fifth in the nation with regard to the gap between rich and poor school districts, based on spending per pupil. That's the finding in a new report prepared by school reform advocates who will put on a parade and a rally in Albany today. According to the report

Education reform advocates will bus into Albany on Wednesday for a rally. Graphic courtesy Alliance for Quality Education

ALBANY, N.Y. – Buses are to converge on the capital today from various points in the state as part of an action aimed at addressing what some call a crisis in public-education funding. Riding one bus, starting in the Finger Lakes city of Hornell and stopping in Naples, are two Naples principa

PHOTO Digital Freedom panel discussion at Commit!Forum2012, October 3. Courtesy Mark Scheerer

NEW YORK - Founding Father Benjamin Franklin is said to have answered a question about what kind of rule the Constitutional Convention of 1787 had created by saying, "A republic, if you can keep it." Advocates working to keep the Internet free from restrictions and regulations say, in effect, the sa

NEW YORK – National Welcoming Week, an effort to promote meaningful talks on immigration, has netted some big results in New York. It's being viewed as a major change for Suffolk County, according to Maryann Slutsky, director of Long Island Wins. Under the past administration, says Slutsky, p

LE ROY, N.Y. - The impact of $2 billion in cuts to state aid to education over the last two years is being felt again this fall in cancelled after-school activities, laid-off teachers, larger classes and a heightening of the disparity between the haves and have-nots among school systems. Dr. Mike Gl

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